Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Proof that the are elephants

Just got to post a couple of images of Marula & I going for a walk

Monday, February 8, 2010

looking after Grey Matters camp deep in the delta, lion in camp

Greetings from an action packed delta. No sooner had the trio returned yesterday evening then the rain started again, in my tent it was difficult to hear anything other than the rain and the odd tree branch coming down, I did hear lion once again close to camp but this time to the south, then hippo to the North in between the thunder. it was about 9:30 when the impala started barking and then some more rain.
The next morning some new tracks were on the road to the boma.. lion, a female and her cub about a year old had killed an impala just off the road, and then moved next to the container and slept, they even drank rainwater from the trio's water troff. Leano & Dazo said that they had seen the lions from there tents. The trio departed to the east across the water this morning, an hour later we herd hippo mating in the same direction, it sounds just like a buffalo being killed, but goes on for much longer.
The morning was quite bright but with storm cloud building off to the North East,
The trio returned a little early from there mornings adventure and hot on there tails was a tremendous storm, it hit camp just before 2, high winds and more crashing branches. by 4 we had blue sky and sunshine! Marula's head is much the same today and the zinc/oil mutti is sticking well.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking after Grey Matters camp deep in the delta, night of the kill

our afternoon went as normal after the mornings excitement. Marula's head is the same as yesterday and we are checking her twice a day but medicating once. Tabu's foot is still being treated as are 1 or 2 scrapes on his front legs, his trunk is better now. The trio departed as the storm clouds once again build up to the East.
After 7 there was a plane on the airstrip it seamed to take off then return to the strip then take off again! We're not sure what was going on there?

7:30 ish the storm was now to the North and East, between the thunder I could hear wild elephants just across the water trumpeting and lions as well, this went on for 15 - 20 min. We had some light rain but once again the heavy rain missed the camp. The trio returned with Amos & Dazo just before 8, the wind was blowing, leaves flying, but still very little rain.

It was about 1 am I woke and herd a crash, then crying, the cry's were very close, just out of the camp to the North West I think. The cry's became muffled and weak... I was witnessing a kill. I think it mush have been the leopard as there was no noise afterwards, then the hyena's came running through the camp whooping loudly, they too had heard the crying. There weren't any alarm calls from impala so I am guessing that it was one of the bush bucks that came to an end. this morning I took a look around that side of the camp, but didn't find anything conclusive other than the hyena tracks, it was too wet to venture far.

Earlier this morning we had some cloud cover as the boma was cleaned out early and the mopane lads got away at 6:40 Leano & Dazo with the trio just after 7, its very hot & humid with more storm clouds building to the North & East... The thunder is starting now.

looking after Grey Matters camp deep in the delta, rushing to the airstrip

As the storm clouds gathered to the East we got some cool air at last but no rain, the trio returned from their mornings adventure, with a fresh mud coat they settled into the boma,.
In the afternoon in was noticed that Marula has 3 or 4 more small (30mm) soft lumps on her head, she is agitated when they are touched, as the skin isn't broken we didn't apply any medication, her other 3 lesions are healing well. Tabu's foot is still about the same., the trio then departed to the south for the evening adventure, returning just before 8.
This morning was a cool 1 with clouds blocking the sun until about 8, the trio departed towards the airstrip, and as we weren't sure about Amos's arrangements they were to stay closer to the road than normal, I did here Amos's name and the 13:10 departure time on the 8 o'clock news so Sunny, Two & I set off to find Amos & the trio. they hadn't gone far, about 2km, just past the big sausage tree and over to the South. We almost ran over a very big (2m) black mamba that was sitting on the edge of the road, as we passed close by it took off at speed into the long grass. We then had a joke on Amos telling him his flight was at 09:30 and as it was now 8:30 we'll have to rush, Sunny & Two were cutting grass and he was ready to rush so helped them with the grass then we slowly slowly returned to came as Amos was becoming more agitated as the clock ticked towards him missing his flight...
As we got to camp, he ran to collect his gear and we had to tell him to slow down, the flight is 13:10... we all laughed.
We got to the airstrip in good time and Amos was surly in Maun before we got back to camp.
The trio then returned and settled into the boma, lunch was served (ok I cooked and served myself).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A quiet day, looking after Grey Matters camp deep in the delta

Yes indeed yesterday was a hot one, the trio returned fresh from the mud-bath, while Leano, Amos & Dazo looked hot & tired.  the second expedition of the day followed the medications and an extended hose session, Jabu was partially thirsty. they departed to the South.
Meanwhile back at camp the office tent was drying out after the mornings wash. rain clouds are starting to form in the distance to the East. All was quiet as the day closed, the trio returned about  7:40 it had been a long hot day.

About 4:30 am I woke to the sound of rain falling on the tent, light rain for 15 min or so, the morning was cool with thick cloud cover and damp from the rain, the trio departed towards the South West. Two is cutting grass while Sunny & I are attempting to fix the leak in the sink. I've just found my laptop is once again infested with small ants...

Monday, February 1, 2010

looking after Grey Matters camp deep in the delta, there's a cobra in my kitchen

All is quiet deep in the Delta, although we did have some excitement yesterday. while the trio were still out on morning maneuvers, two & Sunny had just finished the small tent path & I was just relaxing with a cup of 'mens tea' the local banded mongoose arrived 10 or 12 of them. However 1 spotted me and the group changed direction. All was quiet, then I was checking some camera items in the container and moving back & forth to the kitchen when I saw a Mozambique spitting cobra,  it hissed and made hast into the kitchen, I ran to the side of the kitchen trying to see were it went... but it had vanished. Sitting sill at the table finishing my tea I was hoping to see the snake leave as I couldn't see any exit track. About 45 min had passed and no sign of the snake I felt sure was still at large. I checked under the sink, the fire starter box, gas bottles, nothing. It was at this point I decided to ask Two & Moks for some help, the hunt was on, they checked all the places I had and the only place left was under the freezer, two lifted 1 side while I looked under (from a way back) and yes the serpent was coiled at one end. the freezer was turned off and some petrol thrown at the snake but didn't move, by now Moks was standing on a table armed with two mopane clubs and I felt pity for the cobra. it was given a prod with a tent pole and it made an attempt to escape but meet with a blow to the neck from Two, then a second just to make sure, it was dead. Two carried it off on the stick scared to touch it yet proud to have hunted the beast.

Peace resumed in the camp, and I cooked up the wild mushrooms the Amos had brought me yesterday, a sort of egg, mushroom & cheese omelet, very nice. The trio returned non the wiser of the mornings excitements.

The trio's second expedition of the day was a little late off the mark, however they had a good hose down and seamed in good spirits.

The moon was bright last night and all was quiet through the night.

We had a pink Champagne sunrise this morning, not a cloud in the sky. The trio departed expecting a hot day. Two and Sunny are going to clean the next tent and Moks can do some laundry. its going to be a hot one.