Saturday, June 21, 2014

Giottos Tripods and excellent service

A couple of years back, I was looking for a new light weight tripod to use while walking on the beaches in North Devon. After some online reading and comparison decided on the Giottos Pro carbon fiber 8361B, it is light and a good height. the legs can be spread for lower level work and the top can be angled over which comes in useful.
Having decided to make a few photographs on this 2014 trip to the UK so asked my brother to bring the tripod when he collects me from the airport, t was all wrapped up in a towel and just like new except I noticed the 1 of the leg locking leavers was cracked, it sill worked but was hanging by a thread, so to speak.
I looked up the distribution agents Daymen in the UK and fired off an email (with I must admit a certain amount of sarcasm) about my disappointment in the tripod etc etc...  I was surprised and very happy to get a reply from Joanne the very next day enquiring as to which leg locking leaver was giving the problem, to which I replied. The very next day I received a new part completely free of charge and because the tripod comes with a small tool kit the replacement part was installed in about 5 min and is now working very well again.
Thank you Joanne and Daymen for your excellent, prompt and polite service and a great tripod ;-)

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