Monday, October 13, 2014

fixing the light bulb

Alwyn Peterson is a Maun based architect in demand, time is always short for this man, he's also camera shy and has never seen a picture of himself that he likes! Now thats a challenge if ever I've had one.

 The man at his desk was the fastest choice, and to speed up the process even more I decided to use my new LED lights. Working with the desk light that had a horrible energy saving bulb, this could be dealt with in post with a little light painting as can be seen above. The 1st LED light placed on a stand over and behind Alwyn ,the other held by Gaone my voice activated light stand (VOLS) a quick exposure adjustment and it was all over in 4 frames! Alwyn was happy with his new found self on the camera's screen, no longer resembling Gollum as he most feared.. happy client – happy photographer.

Stuart James Arnold

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